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Gyges SpeciMen Trilogy Episode One

On the Meaning of the Character Name “Gyges” in SpeciMen Trilogy

In SpeciMen Trilogy, the Resilience is the force of good on Earth which has been preparing for millennia to rise up against the dark forces of Zophos when they attempt to make their prison break from Pandemonium. The soldiers of the Resilience have sustained their material bodies across the expanse […]

Panopticon and the Love Resistance strip

Panopticon & The Love Resistance – About the Title

About the Title “Panopticon and the Love Resistance” By Matthew Mossotti The Panopticon, a term derived from the Greek παν/pan: all; and οπτικος/opticos: seeing, was the name given to a prison design developed by the English philosopher Jeremy Bentham in the late Eighteenth Century. Panopticon was so-named, no doubt, after […]