Planet Me Productions, founded in 2011 by Matthew Mossotti and Glenn Turner, was established to develop creative properties that tell stories of hope. Stretching mediums to reach new audiences with grand and colorful epics as well as crass yet reverent comedies, Planet Me strives to inspire imaginative vibrancy in the good souls of Planet Earth.

The SpeciMen Trilogy is an epic sci-fi/spirit-world adventure of three feature-length screenplays which have been converted to full-length graphic novels (graphic scripts). The SpeciMen Trilogy tells the story of the battle for control of the universe between the forces of light and darkness in a dazzling array of alternative history and prophetic mythos. As the trilogy moves into feature-film production, Planet Me will continue to produce an on-going series of SpeciMen comic books that will treat countless major events in human history from the perspective of the dark forces which are vying for souls on Earth.

Ultra-Guys is a low-budget series of feature-length films that pay homage to the classic comic book while simultaneously deconstructing the conventions of super heroism through the story of a friendship between dysfunctional super hero duo (Ultra-Blue and Ultra-Red). Within a zany super hero universe where super heroes “make it big” when they sign a comic book deal with a major comics label, Ultra-Guys examines the humanity of the super hero to expose a uniquely comedic spin on the identity-pitfalls of celebrity.

Planet Me Productions is dedicated to producing media that inspires the human soul to be awakened into the heavenly realms. With a focus on the virtues of justice, wisdom, courage and inner peace, Planet Me aspires to be a vessel for the forces of good in the cosmos and a light in the darkness to the Way of truth.

So be it.