Statement on Living Water International from Planet Me Founder, Matthew Mossotti:

Water is the most necessary component of all life. So far as we know, nothing lives without water. Although the lack of clean drinking water kills more people every year than any single other cause, it also oppresses those who survive into deep poverty. For people living in these disease-ridden conditions, the majority of their day can be spent transporting water (much of it contaminated to begin with), which means they are not free to pursue work and education in any meaningful way. The very first step to lifting these people from the mire of profound poverty is the availability of clean water. Although there are many superb charitable causes out there in the world, it is my philosophical contention that resolving the leading killer and oppressor of people should be of primary importance – that when we are faced with this truly solvable crisis, we do well to respond to it with vigorous force until it simply becomes extinct. It is for this reason that Planet Me Productions donates a part of all revenues towards the ending of this dark area of human history and we encourage every aficionado of Planet Me Productions to consider how they might involve themselves in this effort to give life’s most valuable resource to “the least of these.

Matthew Mossotti