Chi San & Veritan

Custodian Warriors Chi-San and Veritan SpeciMen Trilogy


In Mandarin, 三 散 “Chi Sān,” means “threefold-vital-force.”

From the Latin “veritas,” Veritan is the “Bringer of Truth.”

Chi San and Veratan are two of the seven Malachim custodians who were left on Earth from the great Flood to guide what were later called  the “Seven Churches,” mentioned in John’s Revelation. After Chi San narrowly defeats the first “son of man” in the millennial fighting tournament of “Immortal Combat,” these two Angels help the Resilience defeat the mercenary armies of Undertow across the globe. After a sojourn in the Capitol Realm, in the Final Cause, Chi San and Veritan accompany Meraviglia, the Angelic scientist in a hunt for signs of Zophos across the Life Planets of the galaxy.Zoe Paul SpeciMen Trilogy

Malachim SpeciMen Trilogy