Duchess Sabotage

Lilith”  “Queen of Babylon” 

Subconcious Infiltration technology SpeciMen Trilogy

In a prophecy of the casting down of Edom, a literal translation of the Hebrew in Isaiah 34:14 reads: “The beasts of the desert will meet with the beasts of the island. The satyr will call to his companion Lilith who will lie there to find a place of rest.” The goat-man satyr connects to the “scape-goat” of Leviticus 16 which is sent into the desert – this is the figure which devil-worship adopts as its iconic idol. His companion, Lilith, is identified as an “island beast,” that is, a solitary beast. This conforms to a Hebraic myth that Lilith was made from the same dust as Adam, unlike Eve, who was made from the DNA of Adam’s rib marrow. According to the ancient tradition, Lilith refused to copulate with Adam and roamed in solitude, tormenting the children of Eve – the English word “lullaby” is derived from Hebrew phrase “Lilith Abi,” meaning “Lilith go away.” The demonic association to Lilith derives from her being the female companion of the devil.Duchess Sabotage Lilith SpeciMen Trilogy

Odi and Sabotage SpeciMen Trilogy

Duchess Sabotage runs the Military Sector of Pandemonium which controls the affairs of Earth through the Subconsciousness Infiltration. In Atlantis, she bears a son with Phaeton, Xeri, the Nephilim, who ultimately becomes the false prophet who lays siege upon Babylon, prompting her to take allegiance with the Resilience. The authenticity of her turn is heavily scrutinized as the Final Cause approaches, particularly her relationship with Gyges, to whom she reveals her original name before the ultimate battle ensues against Zophos.