Luca DeCarlo

The SpeciMenSpecimen Trilogy Alternative Cover

In physics, a particle of light has zero mass, but, enigmatically, the most-brilliant stars which generate the most photons have the greatest mass. Connecting souls and stars, Daniel 12:3 says of soul-light, “Those who impart wisdom will shine as the brightness of the heavens, those who lead many to righteousness as stars forever and ever.” In 1Corinthians 15:41-43, Paul wrote that souls will be like the heavenly bodies in their varying degrees of “light-production”: “… star differs from star in glory. So will it be with the resurrection of the dead. The body that is sown is perishable, it is raised imperishable; it is sown without worth, it is raised in glory.” As “worth” was typically weighed on scales, so was the mass of the human soul said to be judged: Of King Belshazzar’s soul, Daniel 5:27 reads: “You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting.” In 2Corinthians 4:17, Paul utilizes a peculiar phrase in the GrLuca DeCarlo SpeciMen Trilogyaeek, applying it to the tested soul, which he says will realize: αἰώνιον βάρος δόξης /aionion baros doxes – “eternal weight of glory.” This phrase ties back to the Hebrew wordכבוד  (“kabowd”) which carries a dual denotation of both “weight” and “splendor,” both words connotating “worth.” A “specimen” is a subject which has certain values tested. As it relates to the worth of human soul, like the splendor of a stars is a function of its mass, so is the weight of the soul related to its light-production. Hence, the SpeciMen name, from the Italian, 

Luca DeCarlo (“Manly Light-Bringer”). Luca is the first redemption story of the SpeciMen Trilogy. The young multi-billionaire turns from the greedy protocols prompted by his Pandemonium Conditioning Agent, Malfus. Other than Nebuchadnezzar, Luca becomes the only SpeciMen to have ever been lost in human history. Through the allurements of Zoe, Luca finds his way into the Resilience fold, where he becomes a key fighter for the Way of Light, infiltrating the highest ranks of Babylon. Bringing the whole story full-circle, the lost SpeciMen executes the daring and heroic tactical-ops mission to destroy the power-source of Serpentine Zophos under the D-Double Prime layer of Planet Gog.Luca DeCarlo SpeciMen Trilogy

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