malfus SpeciMen TrilogyThe Turncoat :  “Chief Conditioning Agent”

In demonology, Μαλφας/Malphas has 40 legions of demons under his command. He can destroy the human’s desires or thoughts and also reveal them to other conjurers. He can access a complete record of all that a human has ever done, and he can bring together the schemes of the artificers of tyranny from all places of the world.

malfus SpeciMen TrilogyProsecuted by Duchess Sabotage in a Pandemonium courtroom for having lost a mission-critical “SpeciMen” to the Way of Light, Malfus replays the subconsciousness infiltration records of Luca DeCarlo in a failed effort to have himself acquitted from sentencing to being assimilated into the army of hell. malfus SpeciMen TrilogyWhen Gyges and two physicists bring Leviathan Island to the prison planet, Malfus seizes the chaotic opportunity to escape with in the field of darkness, where Virgil and the Rhuemaling await. With Gyges and the scientists, Virgil stages a Joshua-prophesized mass-break out via the Leviathan test unit which Malfus himself had damaged by the insidious Dr. Bane. Aboard the “Escape,” Malfus turns, pledging his allegiance to good. With his unique vocal signature, he later brings Luca back from the brink of an inevitable death. Ultimately, in his sweet redemption story, Malfus finds himself back in the courtroom, this time at the end of the thousand years of peace, where he lobbies for the reopening of the portal and contends for the liberty of his former accuser, Sabotage.   

malfus SpeciMen Trilogy