Phaeton/Φαέτων: “Shining One” to Zophos/Ζόφος: “Tactile Darkness” zophos specimen trilogy

In Plato’s Timaeus when Solon gives his account of Atlantis and in Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Phaeton is said to have lost control of his father’s chariot in the heavens, whereupon Zeus cast him down to Earth in a bolt of lightning. From the Greek, Phaeton means “Shining One,” as also does Lucifer, the name of the arch angel before he fell. Luke 10:18 also records Jesus speaking of the fall of the “Shining One,” “Lucifer fell like lightning from heaven.”

zophos SpeciMen TrilogyIn Episode Zero, Phaeton is a champion expeditioner of the galaxy for the Malachim race, setting off from Early Earth to successfully discover all of the other 71 Life Planets. When he returns to find that the Malachim scientists have populated the planet, not only with ecosystems of organisms, but human beings, to whom the Governor Himself gave living souls. After his injured pride motivates him to a failed coup d’état against the Arch Angel Michael, Phaeton and the one-third of the angelic beings who followed him into treachery are grounded to Earth, no longer free to explore the wondrous galaxy.

zophos SpeciMen Trilogy

Grievously disenfranchised, Phaeton lures the humans into their own rebellion and rules the entire planet from Atlantis. As Phaeton and his legions fulfil their sentence on the ground while the rest of the Malachim stage ecosystems on the other Life Planets, wanton excess and intermingling with the corrupted human race darken their hearts. Phaeton slowly becomes Zophos. When the Malachim return to Earth, they find it has become completely wicked, so they bring about the great flood and send Zophos and his rebel cohorts to Pandemonium for the remainder of the galactic iteration – so they thought…

zophos SpeciMen Trilogy