The Ayrion

The Beast SpeciMen Trilogy Episode 2 Panopticon & The Love Reistanceθηρίον/Thérion/”Beast”

The one who WAS during the Atlantean rule of Earth, who WAS NOT after Michael and his Malachim forces dispensed Zophos and his forces to Pandemonium, and who IS AGAIN when the Leviathan Technology ports him back to decimate the entire global military infrastructure within hours – with “seven heads, ten horns, a body like a leopard, feet were like a bear’s and a mouth like a lion’s,” this hellish war machine establishes a war-free planet which is being run by Duchess Sabotage from Babylon. The Ayrion is believed to obey only Xeri, who poses as a militaristic The Aryion SpeciMen Trilogyprophet.The Aryion SpeciMen Trilogy