Zoe Paul

zoe paul SpeciMen Trilogy“Life  Spreader”

Ζωή/Zóé is the Greek word for “life.” The apostle Paul brought the Life of the Gospel far beyond the Palestine region to the Greco-Roman world, to peoples who may have seemed perhaps impossible to reach in those days. Zoe reaches Luca while he was yet a tycoon, a SpeciMen, seemingly too far beyond the scope of turning from his greedy lust for always more for the sake of only more.zoe paul SpeciMen Trilogy

When Luca’s acquisitions firm gains control of the Leviathan Technology, an inter-stellar transport system that sinks vessels underneath the ocean of space-time before brining them back above the surface elsewhere in the galaxy, neither he nor its inventors realize that all of Pandemonium lurks underneath. In a Resilience espionage operation in which romantic feelings mutually develop, Zoe lures Luca to helping the cause of the Way of Light. Meanwhile, Luca’s Pandemonium Conditioning Agent does his best to keep Luca from Zoe as part of Operation Leviathan, which seeks to submerge Earth into Pandemonium with a weaponized version of the technology. Then, when Luca infiltrates the executive level of Babylon to find himself deep in the grips of “The Lucid,” a silver-based narcotic used by all high-ranking Babylonian officials to remain unaged and always awake, Zoe executes a daring mission to rescue the man who is now her husband. Ultimately, during the Final Cause, the sleek and dangerous Resilience Fighter leads the ground forces in battle as the hordes swarm the City of Peace.luca decarlo specimen trilogy

zoe paul SpeciMen Trilogy