Episode I: Out of this World Alive

SpeciMen Trilogy "Out of this World Alive"

The SpeciMen Trilogy, Episode I: “Out of This World Alive”

In the not-so-distant future, when the USS Ronald Reagan Aircraft Carrier vanishes and global tensions are raised to the brink of World War III, the Pandemonium plot known as “Operation Leviathan” activates its military arm of mercenary forces on Earth (Undertow). Having remained alive throughout centuries and millennia with access to the mythical water of life (Honey), a mysterious fraternity of famous characters (The Resilience) and their leader (Gyges) tactically maneuver to quell the wicked scheme which seemingly seeks to take Earth asunder into the sub-universe prison.

Replete with epic battles and soulful redemption, this story is told from a Pandemonium high court in which Duchess Sabotage prosecutes a Conditioning Agent (Malfus). Through these proceed ings, it is revealed how SpeciMen (Luca DeCarlo) was lost to the sway of Resilience Fighters seeking to prevent the Leviathan Technology from bringing all of Earth to hell…

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