Episode II: Panopticon & The Love Resistance

The Beast SpeciMen Trilogy Episode 2 Panopticon & The Love Reistance

The Ayrion

When Virgil leads a narrow but fated escape from Pandemonium, after a brief sojourn on the planet of the Malachim, Gyges and company return to Earth after an unknown expanse of time to find that Sabotage made her way to Earth where she turned a giant communications corporation (Babble) into Babylon, a global empire that has systematically eliminated the borders of all but ten nations through a debt purchasing strategy.

This is the story of how an unstoppable weapon (The Ayrion, kPanopticon and the Love Resistance Logo SpeciMen Trilogynown biblically as the “beast”), decimates the worldwide military within hours, how the false prophet (Xeri) implements Panopticon across the globe to allow Pandemonium Conditioning Agents to finally hear the thoughts of all who receive the “Stamp of The Ayrion” inside their brains, how Joshua returns to meet Zophos and the armies of Earth at Armageddon, and how, after being re-imprisoned, Zophos empties Pandemonium.

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Panopticon and the Love Resistance strip

Panopticon and the Love Resistance


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