Episode III: The Final Cause

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“The Final Cause”, SpeciMen Trilogy

With the Meraviglia and the Malachim searching for the life planet to which Zophos and his hordes escaped into the galaxy, at the end of the prophesied 1,000 years of peace on City of Peace SpeciMen TrilogyEarth, along with a suspiciously turned Sabotage, the Resilience Fighters are forced to forego efforts to politically lobby a now complacent society to reopen the portal which will allow either the Malachim to send news or Zophos to send war…

From the binary life planets of Gog and Magog, Zophos wages all out war on the Malachim Planet who are forced to take cover under their shield. With the Michael unable to launch his fleet, the dark forces are free to exploit the portal network to overrun all of the innocent life planets in the galaxy. This is the story of how Earth finds its ultimate redemption. This fallen Life Planet’s knowledge of war makes its people the only hope to stand up and fight to save the galaxy.

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the final cause SpeciMen Trilogy

Ep. III: “The Final Cause”