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SpeciMen Trilogy Cover Pat Seals

Green Heart SpeciMen Trilogy Cover Art

An Essay About the Creative Harmonization on the Special Edition Cover Art by Pat Seals for SpeciMen Trilogy (Episode I): “Out of This World Alive” by Matthew Mossotti   Preface: On the Cover’s Aesthetical Harmony to SpeciMen Trilogy In the first place, I will take this opportunity to thank Pat […]

Panopticon and the Love Resistance strip

Panopticon & The Love Resistance – About the Title

About the Title “Panopticon and the Love Resistance” By Matthew Mossotti The Panopticon, a term derived from the Greek παν/pan: all; and οπτικος/opticos: seeing, was the name given to a prison design developed by the English philosopher Jeremy Bentham in the late Eighteenth Century. Panopticon was so-named, no doubt, after […]