Ultra Guys



ULTRA-GUYS: Extended Trailer

ULTRA-GUYS: “Selling Out” (a Short Intorduction)

Planet Me Productions is pleased to introduce the Ultra-Guys! These fast-living super heroes possess the strongest super powers in history and live it up in a comic book universe where super heroes “make it big” by signing a deal with a major comic book label. With the internet diminishing the super hero’s return on comic book deals and these Midwestern man-boys’ inability to cope with their new glint of fame, the dysfunctional duo battles against bankruptcy and their own growing vices in a story of identity crisis.

Created and Written by Matthew Mossotti

Copyright, Planet Me Productions, 2017

ULTRA-GUYS: “The Gateway City Farce” (FEATURE FILM)

Told through the epically flawed dysfunctional duo comprised of Ultra-Blue, who, although making a serious effort to turn his life around, is a self-obsessed womanizer looking for love in all of the wrong places, and Ultra-Red, a drain-circling party boy who remains oblivious to his ever-worsening condition as he looks to escape reality, Ultra-Guys is a story about the fragile and flawed humanity of super heroes.

After their comic book label is bought out by Planet MEdia, the Ultra-Guys are forced to leave the spotlight of E City by the entertainment giant’s owner, Champ Star, a chronic over-achiever who harbors deep resentment against the Ultra-Guys which dates back to high school. Upon returning to a less-than-warm welcome to their hometown, the Gateway City, Ultra-Blue seeks to re-discover his true identity while Ultra-Red takes part in a dangerous scheme to recapture the comic book spotlight in this zany tale of redemption.

Created and Written by Matthew Mossotti

Written and performed by Matthew Mossotti